How You Can Play PUBG Mobile On MAC Or MacBook!

PUBG is an extremely common name amongst all gamers, particularly mobile gamers. Desiring to enjoy the same Gameplay on your computer on a larger screen is even more thrilling. PUBG is a multiplatform game accessible for consoles and Windows. The computer version doesn’t come for free and needs costly hardware; for playing the favorite game on the computer, you just have to download a PC emulator for PUBG Mobile on the computer. Here we go. Here’s how to play PUBG Mobile on MacBook or MAC using different emulators.

What’s An Emulator?

A PC emulator is a computer program that can easily run apps and games within the window of a diverse OS. In such a case, Android is an operating system of choice that the emulators are gonna run. Games and apps created for Android can’t run directly on Macintosh or Windows computers. Hence the emulator can act as the platform for running the android tools. The Android emulators usually behave as the device by itself within the program.

Why Utilize PC Emulators For The PUBG Mobile?

As we already acquaint, PUBG is accessible across PC, mobile, and consoles. The only gripe is the dissimilarity in Gameplay between the mobile and the rest. It can also restrict PUBG Mobile players from connecting and playing with the other PUBG Mobile players only and vice versa. The only method of connecting with the two hundred million active users of PUBG Mobile on a large screen is running the same with the emulators.

PUBG Mobile is accessible for iOS and Android. Android is open-source and can easily be modified for running on any computer. Hence, we’ll be utilizing the Android emulators for PUBG for playing this game. Another cause individuals flock toward the PUBG emulators is the high hardware need for running the computer version. The emulator is an awesome alternative for those wondering how you can play PUBG on a computer without the graphics card.

Gameloop Or Tencent Gaming Buddy:

PUBG Mobile has an enormous player base, but not everybody prefers to play this game on the smartphone. Even the creators of this game acquaint that, which is why we’ve an original emulator from this PUBG Mobile game lovers. Gameloop download, previously known as the Tencent Gaming Buddy, is one of the fantastic emulators for playing PUBGM. It’s uniquely created for providing an excellent user experience to the different players. It is simple to download and utilize, but one thing that we do not like about this emulator is that it can make the computer a bit laggy. However, that’s subjective and relies on the conditions in which your system is being operated.

Play PUBG Mobile On MAC


Bluestacks is an extremely commonly utilized emulator, as it can handle the top mobile games without lagging. It’s one of the most balanced android emulators available, which can be utilized for playing PUBG mobile on MAC or PC. The great part is that you do not need to pay a single coin for utilizing this emulator. They can also like playing almost every mobile game easily. Bluestacks also has a simple user interface. It provides many customizations which you can configure according to the requirements.

Nox App Player 6:

Accessible on both Windows and Mac, this emulator has gained a reputation over time. Specialties of this emulator are a clean user interface, simple to operate user interface and tools for assisting with gaming. It’s also optimized for running the latest programs. The creator community that’s behind Nox launches frequent updates. From being just any other android emulator to being one of the top ones, it has come a very long way. The keyboard optimization can also work well enough.

The support for the external programs is the USP of this emulator. You can append the external mic, camera, even the sketch-board for utilizing on the emulator. The most recent version of the PUBG emulator for the computer is well-optimized for running high-end games without any stutter in the high frame rates. It, combined with intuitive keyboard mapping, can really make this emulator one of the top PUBG Mobile emulators.