Rufus Portable Free Download For Windows 7,8,10

Rufus Software is one of the known utilities that provides the best of the repairing and booting services of your USBs or hard drives. It is small-sized yet capacious enough that it stores almost anything and offers you the best whenever you need it. You can do Rufus download and install this software on your computer that now also supports Windows 7, 8, and even 10. So let’s delve into what you can get from Rufus and how to download it for free to make it more convenient and handy to use.

What to expect from Rufus ?

Whether you want to repair or create your bootable USB flash drive, memory stick, or even USB pen drive, Rufus portable software is always here to help you out. It is free, easy to use, and offers multiple features, proving itself to be one of the best portable software above all. Rufus Portable software is also comparatively fast, especially on the creation of Linux and Windows 7, and the list does not end here. By getting your hands on this utility, you can be free from the hectic of working on low leveled software. You should try it once.

How to download it for free?

Rufus Portable software is free online software that you can download with a few clicks. However, you only have to keep the Rufus version up to date. The latest Rufus version is Rufus 3.13, which is now even compatible for your PC that meets the requirements of Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. Visit the Rufus site online, download your preferable version on your computer, let it install, and you are ready to go. Sounds good, right?

Rufus Portable

What does Rufus offer?

You can create bootable flash drives, install media from bootable ISOs, or even install an operating system as it only works on systems without OS. Through Rufus software, you can download an ISO image for any installed file or operating system stored in an optical disc, offering you to use your USB as a portable CD. It is downloadable and free portable software that provides you an all-in-one software serving you with the best.

  1. Support Multiple Languages

Apart from several features, it also supports multiple languages, making it easy for people throughout the world to utilize the best services. For instance, it supports English, Chinese, Japanese, Italiano, Portuguese, Deutsch, Suomi, Svenska, Arabic, and even Persian, to name some.

  1. Support both DOS and ISO

Rufus software supports both the DOS and ISO. It means for the process of creating a bootable DOS drive, Rufus can offer you multiple keyboard layouts to support it, depending on your system’s location. In the same way, almost all the versions of Rufus software supports booting from ISO images. If you want to create a bootable USB drive or an ISO image from a physical or optical disc, you can download or install Rufus on your computer with a few clicks.

What are the Minimum Requirements of Rufus?

However, to download Rufus, you have to fulfill only one requirement to get the most out of it, that is, get windows 7, 8, or windows 10 to work on it. Bit size can be either 34 or 64 bits.